Describing Mickey Roy

His best love of the outdoors was hunting, and he hunted all over this country… Trying to describe Mickey Roy is like a blind man describing an elephant. It depends on which facet of his life you are touching. One thing is sure: He was a man’s man, and as far as life’s experiences, he didn’t miss much. The fact that he was in a wheelchair most of his life never stopped him from living life to the fullest measure.

When we were kids, we never considered that Mickey was handicapped. Mickey did everything everybody else did; he just did it from a wheelchair. He loved the outdoors. He was fishing in the Gulf of Mexico on his own boat for Billfish when there weren’t many people doing it. He would just lash himself in a chair and away him and his buddies would go. His best love of the outdoors was hunting, and he hunted all over this country, including Alabama. I have known Mickey for at least 40 years, as a friend and as a patient, and it really never dawned on me that Mickey was handicapped because he did most everything anyone else did. I would kid him that he just used that damn wheelchair to get to go on some of these fantastic hunts for the handicapped that I couldn’t go on, and if I got a wheelchair, could I get invited, too?

He would just laugh, and at my office we didn’t get much work done because Mickey and I would end up talking about hunting and fishing and where we were going to go next. Last year, when Mickey found out that there was little hope for a recovery, he said to me, “Hell, Doug, if I went tomorrow, I haven’t missed much that I’ve wanted to do, and until I go, I’m going to keep on doing what I want to do.” Two weeks after that statement to me, he was in Iowa hunting a big whitetail buck that he missed last year. His lifelong dream was to hunt Africa, and praise the Lord, he got to.

Not many people in this world go out doing what they love to do, and Mickey did. He was one of my heros and was an inspiration to all of us who knew him. I’ll bet the Good Lord just needed someone to manage the hunting and fishing up there, and Mickey fit the job description.

Don’ t Shoot Them All, Mickey! There Are Some More of Us Coming!
—Doug Smith