Chapter Donates to Alabama Department of Conservation

The Alabama Chapter of SCI had the pleasure of hosting the Alabama Department of Conservation at the September bi-monthly meeting. Wildlife Biologist Keith Gauldin was in attendance as the representative and spoke on various efforts they had going throughout the state to include coyote tracking studies, black bear sightings, CWD testing, and the major topic of the evening, the Adult Mentoring Program. This program was started in hopes of gaining new members into the hunting community. Most hunters are followed by their children, which only replaces them in the field and is really only a temporary addition. They are targeting individuals who have never hunted or have hunted very little and have a desire to at least give it a try with the hopeful possibility of enjoying it to the point of retention, thus gaining a new member to conservation and wildlife management. The Alabama Chapter tries to be involved with numerous organizations and efforts nationwide and contribute to worthy causes every year. The chapter donates to assist in the funding and even has volunteers to work the efforts which includes some travel to other states. The Alabama Chapter made a donation to the Alabama Department of Conservation in the amount of $4,000 to assist with their Adult Mentoring Program in hopes to gain more hunters in the field and more support on the home front as well as potentially future SCI members. With the donations from other conservation organizations combined with that of the Alabama Chapter it helps the receiving parties to achieve their goals concerning conservation and the fight against all who oppose. The donations will be well used and appreciated. Every little bit helps and with the efforts, money, and time given from all organizations this will help ensure that the sport of hunting remains safe and active for years to come. If you would like to donate or are interested in getting involved in your local outdoors programs and SCI, visit our contact page for individuals who will assist you.