Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

In 2003 when Randall Bush turned over the Alabama Chapter presidency to George Kraft, George presented the customary Past President’s plaque to Randall at the May chapter meeting. Randall and George had worked very closely during Randall’s four years as chapter president and George was well aware of the work being done behind the scene. Randall’s wife Janice had been there during this time doing the jobs necessary to help make the chapter successful, but not being recognized for any of it. George decided to make an award to recognize the hard work that Janice had done for the chapter. This was the “First Lady Award” and it was intended to be just a one-time award and was presented to Janice at this meeting.
Following George’s term, it was again recognized that his wife Becky had also gone above and beyond in working for the chapter. In recognition of this, Becky was also presented a “First Lady Award”. This award was not intended to be given just because a person was the spouse of the chapter president, only when that person put forth efforts worthy of recognition.
Over the last 15 years only three of the awards have ever been presented. The recipients were, Janice Bush, Becky Kraft and Diann Chitwood.
This year we had another very worthy candidate for the award, Sherry Williams, wife of the chapter president, Chris Williams. Chris would be the first to tell you that Sherry worked as hard as he did to keep the chapter running smoothly and successfully. Sherry never slowed down and was always there when anyone needed her. The award could not have gone to a more worthy person.
At the November Alabama Chapter meeting Sherry’s efforts were rewarded by being the fourth recipient of the “First Lady Award”. On hand to present the award was Janice Bush, the first recipient of this award.